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Everyone doing okay? We are in a lull right now, but that's absolutely fine by me. If anyone needs scene assistance or a temp, let me know.
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Hey. So this is a thread for the super-cast to discuss the aftermath of Superman: Rebirth and how we want to work it into the community. In the interests of spoilers I'm going to leave the opener empty but I can give anyone who wants a quick summary one below, just ask. Otherwise I'm going to assume you've read it through whatever means.
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Shawn, player of Black Adam, Supergirl, Barry Allen and Alan Scott, is withdrawing, leaving those characters open. I'm available for temping those characters in any open scenes.

Just a reminder to folks - slow-paced is absolutely fine here. This game is designed to allow for folks with real-life schedules to slow-play some scenes if they need to. If that pacing doesn't work for you, this may not be the best game for you. By the same token, if you don't have time to play at all, I don't recommend joining up, but I think there's a lot of middle ground there. :)

I'll try to update the cast and characters lists when I get a chance.
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 Hi all. here's a little run-down of where the wandering JSA and their associates are right now. In the posts I'm involved with, I left a little room for characters to talk, but I think it's action time soon pretty much all over the place.

SINGAPORE: Everyone's looking for Jenny Quantum! Lex Luthor, Martian Manhunter and Superman are working from one of lex's more luxurious secret lairs -- #BadGuyPerks -- and Elijah Snow and Freddy Freeman are en route, reminiscing about  a heretofore unknown previous connection between Planetary and the Shazam Fam! Sometime soon, all of this will collide, because danger is afoot!

AN UNDISCLOSED US CITY: Jay Garrick and Zachary Zatanna are chatting, Ghost of the Desert is watching suspiciously, Drummer is in the ship watching alien porn or something. Eventually, all of this will lead them to John Constantine and the Helm of Nabu, but the Fictional Man is still out there, isn't he? Hmmmm .....

SUNNYVILLE, CALIFORNIA: Road trip with Jakita Wagner and Black Adam! They have a dossier! They have a car! They have a hotel suite! They have that will-they, won't they chemistry, if the question is 'Will they or won't they start a massive fistfight.) And most importantly, they're on their way to find Whitney Winters, whom Elijah says is, "the Gateway Between the Living and the Dead." This never happens in Katherine Heigl movies. 

NEW ORLEANS: Alan Scott has found Hawkgirl, but which Hawkgirl is really in there? Will he convince her to accompany him to find Dr. Mid-Nite in  Portsmouth, or will they first seek out the missing Carter?

For the answer to these and more questions, STAY TUNED!!!


Checking In

Mar. 2nd, 2017 12:04 pm
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I think I've caught up with all the scenes I am in, and I am waiting for pingbacks, but if I have missed something, let me know.

I've gotten better about that since I set up notifications - both for new posts to either of our communities, and to any scenes in which I am involved. (You get a notice is someone replies to your comment, of course, but if it's more than a two-person scene, it's handy to set the notification, in case you're waiting for a reply to the reply.)
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Since we started this thing back up, I've had a bit of a plot brewing in the back of my mind. I'd temp the Toyman for this, but I wanted to get the idea out here for commentary and input before committing to anything.

The Toyman, tired of being seen as an afterthought in Superman's Rogues' Gallery, starts kidnapping and imprisoning other Superman villains - prompting an investigation by Clark and others, and ultimately to the classic trope of having to save one's enemies from another mutual enemy.

Could provide scene opportunities for folks in the Superman 'group' and beyond.

And yeah, I'm thinking of using classic Wooden Puppet, Legion of Doom, Jester Costume style Toyman. Thoughts? :)
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Hey! Thought I'd give the vigilantes something to do. Also inspired by the great Justice League Action episode where Mongul kidnaps the Joker to entertain his troops.

Joker has men and other surprises throughout the theater; people are welcome to be trying to break in, or even in the audience in their secret identity. I'd only ask that you not be swooping in immediately; have some trouble changing into costume or getting past the gas trap in the kitchen or the goons in the lobby so I have a chance to tell a few jokes. I'm not planning on wiping out the theater, Joker was legit about saying he just wants to practice his act, but he obviously has an escape plan.

Also Joker is a terrible person and his comedy is a little mean, though I'm not planning on breaking the hard pg-13 rating we've roughly agreed on. Views expressed by the supervillain are not necessarily those of the writer but if something's legitimately disturbing you oocly throw me a line, of course. Again not planning on being a jerk about it just covering my bases because Joker's that kind of character.
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Going to post this both here and on the FB page.

Fight is over. Supergirl is getting medical attention from Ted. Lana could probably do with being looked at. And it would be a crime if Luthor and the rest of the heroes didn't at least talk about what just happened.

And with that, this plot will lay dormant for a bit. If there are any specific leads anyone in the game would like to chase, post here and we'll see what we can make of it.

Thanks for the first big fight of the new com...and the first post to hit 100+ comments. T'was fun.
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Grodd's in Central City.

Based on recon that I'm about to post, I would prefer Barry not be alone on this trip. Anyone League-wise care to join the fun? Grodd's an Alpha class, so more than one hero would be advisable. :)
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Apologies about not being able to chime into the storywork just yet. My job is taxing my soul, and instead of killing people, I'm going to focus on creativity and fun as well. NOW. Lets spitball what and where to go with Freddy Freeman/CM3/Captain Marvel/Possibly Shazam.

As we don't have Billy and Mary Batson around, but DO have a Black Adam, there's got to be a story behind just "why". That's one option as to an arc, finding the twins or just seeing what can be done with the Power of Shazam and just how its being handed out at the moment. Black Adam is summoning 6 of his own deities, and maybe Freeman is tied into that without knowing. I'm also not completely convinced that its the regular six of the Greek Pantheon. (Note to self. Find more theology).

Another personal bit, and I'd like some feedback on it is Freeman/CM3's look. I'm toying with finding different images and stating that he's in the process of finding another appearance or uniform, or even simply changing clothes often. So if you see a few different icons appearing, acknowledge it or not. Up to you. They'll all be recognizable as a Shazam!Marvel related persona however. Thoughts? Gripes? Complaints? Leave 'em below!

Glad to see everyone back and newbies around! This is going to be great.
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I took the liberty of posting small adverts for the comm in two Dreamjournal communities specifically designed for advertising RPs. I didn't see anything posted by any of the mods, so I went ahead and did something small and unassuming.

I'm kinda excited...and I get the laid back approach, just think that laid back won't seem so...barren...with more players involved. :)
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A disappearing city in the deserts of Khandaq? A mysterious anti-terrorist vigilante who is said to be a ghost? A young woman who stands between a dead universe and the land of the living? An assassin from a fictional world? The legacy of a dead superhero, and what it means for Earth's current protectors?

It can only mean one thing: The first Planetary-centric storyline, "The Future Starts Now," is ready to begin, and everyone's invited!


There are four streams which will be rolling out as I have time, each of which have plenty of places where a player could jump in for a while.


1.) Who Killed Doc Brass? This one is very personal for Elijah, and it's what got him started on his current road. Stay tuned for more ...


2.) Tomorrow's Children:  This one is starting in the current Elijah post here. Elijah's search for the current Century Babies has taken him to Dubai, and will soon be leading him all over the world ... Open to anyone as we go, immediate openings for Black Adam, the Marvel Family or the Hawks ...

3.) The Search for Dr. Fate:  Beginning soon: The events in the Middle East will reveal that Kent Nelson is ... gone ... and that a new Fate has been chosen. But first, he needs to be found, and the Helm of Nabu needs to be recovered. Of immediate interest to John Constantine and The JSA.


4.) To Kill a Superman: Lex Luthor is on the side of the angels these days, but his interest is piqued when research from an uncovered Planetary Guide tells him of a long lost hero of similar powers and origins to Superman, and how he died. Lex also learns of the Century Babies in the course of his research, and makes some decisions in the interest of protecting the world. Of immediate interest to the Superman family and the JLA.


So ... who's in? 


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Hey folks. This is just a thread for people to post in for two reasons.

1) To confirm your dreamwave account and to make sure its connected to the communities.

2) As an informal thread for scene conversation stuff if you don't want to use email or other options, or even just want to give a heads up, like, for example, "Hey Joker I'm not sure how to enter this crime post you made about 16th century art and teaming up with Lord Death Man can we talk about it over email?" "Sure I'll look for your mail in case my spam catcher grabs it.", that sort of thing.
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I was able to see the OOC community posts while completely logged out of Dreamwidth. Not sure if that was intentional or not, so I thought I'd let folks know.
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 Hi all. I don't recall if anyone else has officially signed on yet to play a Wildstorm character, but I thought I should put up a post to lay out where my thinking's been and where I'm hoping to go:

1.) The events of the “Planetary” series all happened, around the turn of the century, except perhaps for the very end. Barring the needs of any other player, the Four have been defeated, but we're still in the process of unraveling their secrets and rescuing Ambrose. That''s running in the background.

2.) Around the turn of the century, Jenny Sparks lead Stormwatch (New 52 continuity), and died as she did in “The Authority”: Electrocuting a giant space monster that created the Earth and was returning to wipe all trace of humanity from it. When she died, she was reincarnated in Shanghai as Jenny Quantum.

Question: Was Martian Manhunter ever a part of Stormwatch, or are we ignoring that?

3. Both Jenny Sparks and Elijah Snow are “Century Babies,” born on January 1, 1900 – part of a planetary defense mechanism, the origins of which are unknown. For our purposes, Elijah is the last of the last century's batch. The new batch, born Jan. 1, 2000, are all coming up on 17, and beginning to realize their abilities.

4. Others have noticed. Elijah Snow is torn: He wants to protect Jenny Quantum and the others, but distrusts the Justice League and other superheroes. He feels they keep too much from the world, like The Four did. Also, they have secrets, which he wants to know. He also wants to delve deeper into the secrets of the Earth's planetary defenses to deduce how and why they exist. The Chinese and US governments are aware of the Century Babies and their potential, and are interested in exploiting it. Several characters, including Lex Luthor, have gotten their hands on copies of old Planetary Guides and deduced a few things.

Observation: If we're doing a World War II era JSA, some of their exploits will be in the Planetary Guides, and maybe a few of their secrets. 

Second Observation: Any character who is likely to own a Planetary Guide or two is welcome to, as long as it makes sense, narratively. There's not one sitting on Booster Gold's coffee table, but John Constantine might very well have one in his library.  

Basic plot: In the end, agents of powerful agencies will clash in order to control and/or protect and/or eliminate a set of superpowered teenagers – including Jenny Quantum – who hold the future in their hands. But of course, those superpowered teenagers have ideas – and possibly friends – of their own.

My hope here is not just to have a story, but also give us a tool to establish some of "our" continuity.

How's it sound?

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We're a bunch of nerds who like to write collaborative fan-fiction about DC Comics characters. That's about it. Most of us used to do exactly this over on LiveJournal, in a place called jla_watchtower. Life being what it is, and LiveJournal being the drama lightning rod that it was, it was sort of surprising that Watchtower ran from approximately May 2004 to March 2012 as a going concern. It had picked up steam as a way of rejecting some of the continuity the founders hated about Identity Crisis, and its demise had a lot to do with waning enthusiasm in DC Comics' output in the wake of the New 52.

And now, DC's bringing back a lot of its classic elements, and we're getting interested again, and we've had four and a half years to forget a lot of the hassles and arguments. Plus we're older, and more mature, so if you make fun of our rose-colored glasses, we can beat you with our kryptonite canes.

This community can be described as collaborative fan-fiction, or as free-form play-by-post role-playing. Each player has a number of characters for whom they write. They control what stories and scenes the character will appear in. Story conflicts are resolved by mutual agreement - there are no dice, no game masters. We have moderators to maintain the community, but any player may devise and run a story, using hidden posts in our OOC (Out of Character) community to coordinate who should be where, what the desired outcome is, et cetera. Players are strongly encouraged to write their posts in an 'open' fashion, allowing the respondent to determine their reaction.

For example :

Deadshot shoots Batman square in the chest, impacting the armored plates beneath his suit and knocking the wind out of him.

Assuming Deadshot's player wrote that, we might have a problem, as it is a closed post - Batman's player should have a say in whether or not he gets hit, how badly it hurts him, and so on. If Deadshot's player wants to write the whole thing, why should Batman's player even show up?

Deadshot takes aim, leveling his wrist magnum at the enormous bat emblazoned on Batman's chest, and squeezes the trigger.

This allows Batman to dodge, to get hit and injured, to get hit and not injured, or whatever the player chooses. It allows both players to participate in crafting the scene.

We also allow people to use unplayed heroes and villains to enhance a scene - we refer to this as 'NPCing' - based on 'Non-Player Character' - or 'temping'. If no one has claimed the Red Hood (Jason Todd) and the Batman and Deadshot players would like that character to appear, one of them (or a third writer) might use their journal to temporarily write for the Red Hood, to bring him in and complicate matters for both Batman and Deadshot.

Scenes can get very complex, involving more than a dozen players, multiple comment threads, and lots of things going on at once. LiveJournal and Dreamwidth's nested comment styles allow us to manage these larger scenes with a minimum of confusion.
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Applications are now open.

Currently, we are working with players we already know to do some initial character selection. When we have a character roster and a most wanted list, they will be linked here.

First, the basics.
  1. Make sure you read the rules and guidelines here.

  2. We do not currently allow Original Characters. This may change in the future.

  3. We do not allow 'TV-verse' or 'Movie-verse' DC characters. While we're happy to let some elements of those worlds be brought in, you should apply with the expectation of playing the comics version of the character. Otherwise our sense of continuity gets a bit strained, despite our 'fuzzy' approach.

  4. We are slightly more open to the idea of alternate versions of a character that have appeared in the comics format. I mean, if you want to do Kingdom Come Green Lantern, we won't turn you down automatically, but expect heightened scrutiny.

  5. We require players to be eighteen years of age or older. The community may sometimes deal with mature themes.

  6. We will try to acknowledge the receipt of your application as soon as is possible, but you can expect a minimum turnaround time of 48 hours before an official response. The moderators need time to confer, and we may also consult with players whose characters would be likely to interact with yours.

  7. Players are currently limited to four character slots. Limit raised from three on December 5th, 2016.

  8. We will not approve an application for a second or third character from the same player until they have demonstrated they can be active.

The application form may be emailed to the moderators directly at jlawatchtower |AT| or posted as a comment response to this post. For all characters, we require the following :

  • Character Name - Please be specific. 'Green Arrow' won't cut it. 'Green Arrow - Oliver Queen' will.

  • Player Nickname or Handle - So we don't have to call you 'Hey, you'.

  • E-Mail Address - you can send this to us separately at (email) if you are concerned about spam-bots scraping it off the page. These needs to be an address you regularly check.

  • Status/Notes - let us know what version of the character you're looking to play, where they're operating, et cetera. For example, 'Pre-Flashpoint Green Arrow, in Star City'.

  • Sample Post - This is the most important bit. Show us that you have the character's voice down pat. Try to include both action and dialogue. Spelling and grammar count as well - this is a text medium - but we're not going to deny you based on a typo. Most of us write in the third person voice, past or present tense, but we have no style requirement.

You may include anything else you like in your application - if you have links to relevant writing samples, or would like to tell us how you heard about the game, we'd love to have that.
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Welcome! [community profile] watchtower_ooc is the OOC (Out of Character) 'backstage area' for the members of [community profile] watchtower_rebirth, a free-form, play-by-post role-playing community. We use this community to coordinate plots and scenes. This post is necessary reading before joining the community - ignorance is no excuse and will not spare a violator from the ban-hammer!

Our guiding principles are as follows!

  1. Real Life Comes First - Everyone has families, jobs, personal illnesses, crises of the non-infinite variety. For that reason, we have chosen to be a laid-back community in many ways. There are no posting minimums. That said, if you wish to add on another character after your first, we will take your level of activity into consideration. If you cannot be active in the community for the foreseeable future, we expect people to post a note to the OOC community here to let folks know that they'll be gone. If an emergency happens and you can't do this, that's okay - just let us know when you can.

  2. Don't Be a Jerk (Part One) - We cannot emphasize this enough - this game should be a stress release, not a source of stress. To that end, it is expected that you will ask the scene poster's permission before joining a scene that isn't labeled as open. You will respect the choice of any players who do not wish to directly interact with you or your character. You will not engage in god-modding - write your posts in such a way that the respondant can decide what happens to their character, not you.

  3. Don't Be a Jerk (Part Two) - No, seriously - minimum stress. We also ask that if a scene contains or is expected to contain sensitive topics like (but not limited to) rape, torture, or child abuse, that the community be warned via the OOC community and by appropriate tags on the post in question. We also do not tolerate harassment - if a player tells you to stop communicating with them, take them seriously. If we hear about a failure to respect boundaries, we will be upset.

  4. Canon and Continuity - Canon is a double-edged sword - we love it, but sometimes it's hard to keep track of nuances. And sometimes, everyone has a different favorite version of a character. Ditto, continuity. We expect characters played here to be based on the comics continuity - though they may incorporate elements, stories, and supporting characters from other sources, and we are certainly open to considering alternative comics continuity on a case by case basis. We are using the framework currently suggested by the DC Rebirth line - IE, a naked blue atomic wizard did it - to allow for every character to remember things a little bit differently. There was stolen time, now it's fixed, but some things are slightly askew. We will try to keep our own continuity going forward, but just in case a player leaves after really tying a character into a continuity knot? We are not above invoking a residual 'time burp' to accommodate a new player who doesn't want to deal with it.

  5. Sources - Expanding on that last point, we will consider characters from any version of DC's 'Earth Zero' universe. The Justice Society, prior to Flashpoint? Fine. Vertigo or Wildstorm characters integrated after the New 52? Great. Sugar and Spike from the Legends of Tomorrow anthology? I might actually pay you to run them. Similarly, if you pick a character like Firestorm, you have a lot of versions - Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond? Jason Rusch? Whatever floats your boat. The only catch is that if you want to bring in an alternate version of a character already being played, you will require not only moderator approval, but the approval of the player who has the 'core' version of that character, and neither will be given lightly.

These rules are subject to the interpretation of your friendly team of moderators. Attempts to wheedle around them with "But you didn't technically forbid exactly what I did.." will be frowned upon. We are not lawyers. This is not a contract.

Beyond those guiding principles, here are some additional specific rules and best practices that expand on, or wholly extend, what came above :

  • Tag Your Posts, Please - Most of us are in the habit of tagging posts with character names (as specific as necessary), plot names, and / or content warnings. You may also tag a post with 'open post' if you are willing to invite any player to participate.

  • It's Not HBO, It's Dreamwidth - I think most of us are content with a PG-15 standard as followed by the Marvel Netflix shows. We're not going to sweat a few swears. But if things in a scene are getting steamy, consider fading to black - or relocating to private journals, if you and your writing partner are into that. No judgment!

  • OOC vs. IC - Stuff on [community profile] watchtower_ooc is out of character. Most of it should be posted to be visible to Members Only. Stuff on [community profile] watchtower_rebirth is IN character. It should be posted such that anyone may view it, but only members may comment on it. Stuff posted to your character's private journal or to other communities is outside of our concern or control.

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