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Name Codename Journal Player
Atlee Terra [personal profile] strata_guise Dylan
Bane N/A [personal profile] breaker_of_men Kobie
Helena Bertinelli Huntress [personal profile] crossbow_vixen Stacy
Klarion Bleak The Witch Boy -- Patrick
Brainiac N/A -- Matt
Stephanie Brown Spoiler [personal profile] sanguine_eggplant Zoe
Michael Carter Booster Gold [personal profile] boostmeup Sean
John Constantine N/A [personal profile] needsnewbusinesscards Elaine
Dr. Pieter Cross Dr. Mid-Nite II [personal profile] will_see_you_now Dylan
Arthur Curry Aquaman [personal profile] mrcrankypants Stacy
Diana Wonder Woman [personal profile] wonder_woman Amit
Mia Dearden Speedy [personal profile] fightbyyourside Allie
Miguel Devante Vulcan -- Patrick
Freddy Freeman Captain Marvel [personal profile] sixgodstories Kobie
Guy Gardner Green Lantern [personal profile] hunk_a_lantern Shannon
Jay Garrick The Flash [personal profile] first_lightning JR
Barbara Gordon Oracle [personal profile] oracleisonline Allie
Gorilla Grodd N/A [personal profile] kneel_before_grodd Paul
Dick Grayson Nightwing [personal profile] bludhaven_knight Richard
Roy Harper Arsenal / Red Arrow [personal profile] niiroya Elaine
The Joker N/A [personal profile] makeemlaugh Sean
J'onn J'onzz Martian Manhunter [personal profile] mars_my_destination Dylan
Bette Kane Hawkfire [personal profile] hawkfire Amit
Clark Kent Superman [personal profile] metropolismarvel Sean
Jon Kent Superboy [personal profile] super_son Dylan
Ted Kord Blue Beetle [personal profile] better_ted_than_dead JR
Dinah Lance Black Canary [personal profile] youmakemescream Nix
Lois Lane N/A [personal profile] thefourthestate Nix
Lana Lang Superwoman [personal profile] byfate Amit
Lex Luthor N/A [personal profile] lexcorpunlimited Victor
Owen Mercer Captain Boomerang [personal profile] fast_thrower Terry
Khalid Nassour Dr.Fate [personal profile] nabuhelm Victor
Tora Olafsdotter Ice [personal profile] toraolafsdotter Kris
Oliver Queen Green Arrow [personal profile] my_name_is_oliver_queen DeShawn
Hartley Rathaway Pied Piper [personal profile] soundsmith Robin
Kyle Rayner White Lantern [personal profile] geek_lantern Terry
Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle III [personal profile] edgelordevilopoly Evilopoly
Rachel Roth Raven [personal profile] midnight_blue Jamie
Jack Ryder The Creeper -- Gordon
Kendra Saunders Hawkgirl [personal profile] frequentflyer Nix
Elijah Snow N/A [personal profile] planetaryguide Victor
Leslie Thompkins N/A [personal profile] lesliethompkins Carol
Donna Troy Troia [personal profile] justdonna Allie
Jakita Wagner N/A [personal profile] jakita_wagner Kris
Bruce Wayne Batman [personal profile] guardian_of_gotham DeShawn
Damian Wayne Robin [personal profile] cock_robin JR
Zachary Zatara N/A [personal profile] greatest_zatara Terry
Doris Zeul N/A [personal profile] sevenfootstunner Kobie


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