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Hey! Thought I'd give the vigilantes something to do. Also inspired by the great Justice League Action episode where Mongul kidnaps the Joker to entertain his troops.

Joker has men and other surprises throughout the theater; people are welcome to be trying to break in, or even in the audience in their secret identity. I'd only ask that you not be swooping in immediately; have some trouble changing into costume or getting past the gas trap in the kitchen or the goons in the lobby so I have a chance to tell a few jokes. I'm not planning on wiping out the theater, Joker was legit about saying he just wants to practice his act, but he obviously has an escape plan.

Also Joker is a terrible person and his comedy is a little mean, though I'm not planning on breaking the hard pg-13 rating we've roughly agreed on. Views expressed by the supervillain are not necessarily those of the writer but if something's legitimately disturbing you oocly throw me a line, of course. Again not planning on being a jerk about it just covering my bases because Joker's that kind of character.
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