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Apologies about not being able to chime into the storywork just yet. My job is taxing my soul, and instead of killing people, I'm going to focus on creativity and fun as well. NOW. Lets spitball what and where to go with Freddy Freeman/CM3/Captain Marvel/Possibly Shazam.

As we don't have Billy and Mary Batson around, but DO have a Black Adam, there's got to be a story behind just "why". That's one option as to an arc, finding the twins or just seeing what can be done with the Power of Shazam and just how its being handed out at the moment. Black Adam is summoning 6 of his own deities, and maybe Freeman is tied into that without knowing. I'm also not completely convinced that its the regular six of the Greek Pantheon. (Note to self. Find more theology).

Another personal bit, and I'd like some feedback on it is Freeman/CM3's look. I'm toying with finding different images and stating that he's in the process of finding another appearance or uniform, or even simply changing clothes often. So if you see a few different icons appearing, acknowledge it or not. Up to you. They'll all be recognizable as a Shazam!Marvel related persona however. Thoughts? Gripes? Complaints? Leave 'em below!

Glad to see everyone back and newbies around! This is going to be great.
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