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 Hi all. here's a little run-down of where the wandering JSA and their associates are right now. In the posts I'm involved with, I left a little room for characters to talk, but I think it's action time soon pretty much all over the place.

SINGAPORE: Everyone's looking for Jenny Quantum! Lex Luthor, Martian Manhunter and Superman are working from one of lex's more luxurious secret lairs -- #BadGuyPerks -- and Elijah Snow and Freddy Freeman are en route, reminiscing about  a heretofore unknown previous connection between Planetary and the Shazam Fam! Sometime soon, all of this will collide, because danger is afoot!

AN UNDISCLOSED US CITY: Jay Garrick and Zachary Zatanna are chatting, Ghost of the Desert is watching suspiciously, Drummer is in the ship watching alien porn or something. Eventually, all of this will lead them to John Constantine and the Helm of Nabu, but the Fictional Man is still out there, isn't he? Hmmmm .....

SUNNYVILLE, CALIFORNIA: Road trip with Jakita Wagner and Black Adam! They have a dossier! They have a car! They have a hotel suite! They have that will-they, won't they chemistry, if the question is 'Will they or won't they start a massive fistfight.) And most importantly, they're on their way to find Whitney Winters, whom Elijah says is, "the Gateway Between the Living and the Dead." This never happens in Katherine Heigl movies. 

NEW ORLEANS: Alan Scott has found Hawkgirl, but which Hawkgirl is really in there? Will he convince her to accompany him to find Dr. Mid-Nite in  Portsmouth, or will they first seek out the missing Carter?

For the answer to these and more questions, STAY TUNED!!!


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