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Applications are now open.

Currently, we are working with players we already know to do some initial character selection. When we have a character roster and a most wanted list, they will be linked here.

First, the basics.
  1. Make sure you read the rules and guidelines here.

  2. We do not currently allow Original Characters. This may change in the future.

  3. We do not allow 'TV-verse' or 'Movie-verse' DC characters. While we're happy to let some elements of those worlds be brought in, you should apply with the expectation of playing the comics version of the character. Otherwise our sense of continuity gets a bit strained, despite our 'fuzzy' approach.

  4. We are slightly more open to the idea of alternate versions of a character that have appeared in the comics format. I mean, if you want to do Kingdom Come Green Lantern, we won't turn you down automatically, but expect heightened scrutiny.

  5. We require players to be eighteen years of age or older. The community may sometimes deal with mature themes.

  6. We will try to acknowledge the receipt of your application as soon as is possible, but you can expect a minimum turnaround time of 48 hours before an official response. The moderators need time to confer, and we may also consult with players whose characters would be likely to interact with yours.

  7. Players are currently limited to four character slots. Limit raised from three on December 5th, 2016.

  8. We will not approve an application for a second or third character from the same player until they have demonstrated they can be active.

The application form may be emailed to the moderators directly at jlawatchtower |AT| or posted as a comment response to this post. For all characters, we require the following :

  • Character Name - Please be specific. 'Green Arrow' won't cut it. 'Green Arrow - Oliver Queen' will.

  • Player Nickname or Handle - So we don't have to call you 'Hey, you'.

  • E-Mail Address - you can send this to us separately at (email) if you are concerned about spam-bots scraping it off the page. These needs to be an address you regularly check.

  • Status/Notes - let us know what version of the character you're looking to play, where they're operating, et cetera. For example, 'Pre-Flashpoint Green Arrow, in Star City'.

  • Sample Post - This is the most important bit. Show us that you have the character's voice down pat. Try to include both action and dialogue. Spelling and grammar count as well - this is a text medium - but we're not going to deny you based on a typo. Most of us write in the third person voice, past or present tense, but we have no style requirement.

You may include anything else you like in your application - if you have links to relevant writing samples, or would like to tell us how you heard about the game, we'd love to have that.
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