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Applications are now open.

Currently, we are working with players we already know to do some initial character selection. When we have a character roster and a most wanted list, they will be linked here.

First, the basics.
  1. Make sure you read the rules and guidelines here.

  2. We do not currently allow Original Characters. This may change in the future.

  3. We do not allow 'TV-verse' or 'Movie-verse' DC characters. While we're happy to let some elements of those worlds be brought in, you should apply with the expectation of playing the comics version of the character. Otherwise our sense of continuity gets a bit strained, despite our 'fuzzy' approach.

  4. We are slightly more open to the idea of alternate versions of a character that have appeared in the comics format. I mean, if you want to do Kingdom Come Green Lantern, we won't turn you down automatically, but expect heightened scrutiny.

  5. We require players to be eighteen years of age or older. The community may sometimes deal with mature themes.

  6. We will try to acknowledge the receipt of your application as soon as is possible, but you can expect a minimum turnaround time of 48 hours before an official response. The moderators need time to confer, and we may also consult with players whose characters would be likely to interact with yours.

  7. Players are currently limited to four character slots. Limit raised from three on December 5th, 2016.

  8. We will not approve an application for a second or third character from the same player until they have demonstrated they can be active.

The application form may be emailed to the moderators directly at jlawatchtower |AT| or posted as a comment response to this post. For all characters, we require the following :

  • Character Name - Please be specific. 'Green Arrow' won't cut it. 'Green Arrow - Oliver Queen' will.

  • Player Nickname or Handle - So we don't have to call you 'Hey, you'.

  • E-Mail Address - you can send this to us separately at (email) if you are concerned about spam-bots scraping it off the page. These needs to be an address you regularly check.

  • Status/Notes - let us know what version of the character you're looking to play, where they're operating, et cetera. For example, 'Pre-Flashpoint Green Arrow, in Star City'.

  • Sample Post - This is the most important bit. Show us that you have the character's voice down pat. Try to include both action and dialogue. Spelling and grammar count as well - this is a text medium - but we're not going to deny you based on a typo. Most of us write in the third person voice, past or present tense, but we have no style requirement.

You may include anything else you like in your application - if you have links to relevant writing samples, or would like to tell us how you heard about the game, we'd love to have that.

Date: 2016-12-15 03:27 am (UTC)
will_see_you_now: (Default)
From: [personal profile] will_see_you_now
Character Name: Pieter Cross/Doctor Mid-Nite III
Player Name: Dylan
Status: Pre-Flashpoint, protector of Portsmouth City, OR, and JSA member


A few days ago, Doctor Pieter Cross had been going through his nightly rounds in Portsmouth City, OR. So many people in need of help, so much to be done. It wasn't glamorous and few people would ever know what he had done, but to the people of the city, he mattered.

And then, like a bolt from the blue, he had been struck blind. It defied all medical explanation... until he remembered that he was supposed to be blind. It all came back to him. The accident, the Terrible Trio, the costume, Charlie, the JSA, Dinah, Michael, Endless Winter, Gog.

For a fleeting moment, he had seen what his might have been like had he never become Doctor Mid-Nite. But what of all the good he had done? He'd trade his sight in an instant for even half of what he'd accomplished since.

Now, Doctor Mid-Nite protected the streets of Portsmouth again.

"Getting your feed now, Doc," Camilla's voice came in his earpiece. That too, had been a surprise. Nite-Lite, Camilla, and Ice Pick's memories had returned as well. More and more people were remembering him. And Ice Pick... hadn't he been dead? Killed by the Spirit King?

Questions for later. Like his inability to contact Michael, or that the number for the JSA Brownstone had gone unanswered.

For now, there was blood in his streets. Someone was bringing a new drug, MGC, into his streets. MetaGene Cells, it temporarily transformed ordinary humans into metahumans. Usually as the cost of burning them out.

"Anything I'm not seeing?" he asked.

"Doesn't look like it," she said. "But pretty sure you're in the right place. Someone bought up a lot of dock property recently using a bunch of shell corporations. But it all traces back to something called Stellar Business."

"Stellar Studios produced 'Monkey Business,'" he explained, focusing the wavelengths of his goggles until the walls of the warehour began to fade. Six guards and then a distinct dark spot among several bright. "Clever. But they always like to leave their little hints. It's Delores Winters. I'm not surprised."

"You want me to call the cops? The army? The Justice League? Seems like a bit much for you."

Pieter smiled as he leapt from the rooftop. "I've beaten her before. I'm prepared. And if I'm not... well, you get to say I told you so."

Date: 2016-12-15 01:18 pm (UTC)
better_ted_than_dead: (Default)
From: [personal profile] better_ted_than_dead
Received! We will process as swiftly as we can!

Date: 2016-12-15 08:35 am (UTC)
kneel_before_grodd: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kneel_before_grodd
Character Name - Gorilla Grodd
Player Nickname or Handle - Paul

E-Mail Address -

Status/Notes - Pre-Flashpoint, residing on an unmapped island owned by a human thrall that Grodd has been using to lie low and plan new strategies

Sample Post -

He followed the various monitors set up around his laboratory. The feeds were from a select few highly placed thralls he had brought under his sway through subtle mental compulsions. As far as any of them knew they were going about their daily lives, save for a few, seemingly minute add-on tasks that compelled them to place the observation devices, go on their way, then promptly forget about them.

One was in a STAR Labs facility, another in a HIVE metahuman training camp, one sat nicely in the home of a prominent politician within the current American political administration, and his newest target of observation, a mid-tier employee of the ARGUS organization. He expected that last one to have some particularly interesting information for future use.

"Forgive the intrusion, Lord Grodd, but we found an intruder." The proclamation came from one of his gorilla loyalists, a small but loyal cadre of his people that believed in his leadership and vision for their people.

Grodd got up from his chair to see for himself. The captive was human, armed with a variety of weapons, but for close range and long distance.

"Well're a long way from home, human. I don't suppose you would simply tell me your business here and who sent you?"

The man remained defiantly silent. Rather than be upset, Grodd just smiled, grabbing both sides of the man's head in hands. His eyes lighting up from the effect of his use of psionic power. He probed into the man's mind, and halted for a moment.

The man gave a derisive laugh. "Mental shields, monkey."

"Mental shields?" That got him chuckling. "That was a mental shield? That's actually amusing." Grodd grabbed the man's head with renewed fervor, carefully squeezing so as to create physical pain, but not kill. "And I'm an ape, you ignorant troglodyte." And that was when Grodd stopped playing and tore through the man's mind, leaving him screaming as his secrets were ripped away. For all the plots, the manipulations, and schemes within schemes, sometimes there was nothing more satisfying than getting your own hands dirty.

PS: I came into the old game very late in its tenure, but at the time I played Grodd, Johnny Sorrow, Malefic, Tobias Whale, and Bane along with a fair amount of temp work. Some may remember me, others may not know me at all, but I'm looking forward to giving the brand another shot at life.
Edited Date: 2016-12-15 08:48 am (UTC)

Date: 2016-12-15 01:19 pm (UTC)
better_ted_than_dead: (Default)
From: [personal profile] better_ted_than_dead
Welcome back! Glad you found us again! Your app has been received, and we will let you know once the mod team has had time to look it over!

Date: 2017-01-24 06:09 am (UTC)
zoelogical42: (stephanie brown)
From: [personal profile] zoelogical42
Character Name: Spoiler - Stephanie Brown
Player Name: Zoe
Status: fresh kid on the block, post-Crisis continuity, hungry for justice. armed with fists, guts and ingenuity. willing to play fill-in for other costumes to gain experience, but ultimately i would like to focus on Steph's journey through adolescence and her forging her own identity, as well as relationships with possible mentors and friendships with other heroes. i can play with some of the post-crisis history! i would prefer to edit out most batjerkitude, though.
Sample Post:

Stephanie Brown knew her dad was a bad guy. She would've had to be a real dummy not to figure it out. Good guys didn't get punched by Batman, they didn't get sent to Arkham on "an insanity plea", and they didn't say things like the things he said to her mom. Most of all, they didn't dress up in eyesore costumes and try to steal people's money. So when her dad got out because he got cured, she knew what she had to do. If he didn't have the decency to spoil his own crimes, somebody was going to have to do it for him.

So Steph played nice, and she listened, and she learned more than Arthur Brown realized. She put together a costume with her mom's old and busted sewing machine. If you were going to be a superhero, people should at least know it. The full-face mask meant that it was harder for her dad to recognize her when she was sneaking around, anyways. She made her plans, and one night she went out and made them happen.

She grinned fiercely under her mask as she finished her graffiti clue. Batman wasn't a dummy either. If he couldn't figure this out, what was even the point of being Batman? None, as far as she could figure.

"Let the Puzzlement Fit the Crime." Yeah. That ought to clear things up. And then she could put the window cleaning lift back where she'd borrowed it, before anybody could notice. But just for herself, she did a tiny backflip on the lift, landing on the edge with a boost of adrenaline and excitement before teetering back into a headstand and onto her feet.

Take that, Daddy, Steph thought. She wasn't going to have to be afraid of him forever. She wasn't going to have to be afraid of him at all, because he was going to go back in jail for good this time, and she wasn't going to have to see him ever again. She'd figured out a way to solve this problem all by herself. Who needed parents when you could do that?

Steph checked her watch. If she hurried, she could make waffles when she got home, and hopefully her mom would be too delighted by food she hadn't had to make to ask any questions. She nodded off on the bus home, waking up just before it moved on from her stop. She was working dutifully on her math homework to the wonderful smell of slightly-burnt waffles when Crystal came in.

"I couldn't sleep," Steph said, and hoped against hope for - she didn't know what. "Do you want any?"

Crystal smiled faintly. "I'd love some," she said, at the stage where she was too exhausted to care about being strung out. She sat down, and started into a story about food poisoning and vomiting patients and, well, yikes.

"I never want to go into a hospital ever again," Steph said. "Spare me. Bury me in the backyard near the tree so they can dig me up in a hundred years and wonder who murdered me." She batted her eyes. "It's what I would have wanted."

"Sorry," her mom said. "Too tired. You'll have to rot in a graveyard like anybody else." She got up and gave Steph a pat on the shoulder. It felt weird, like a butterfly had settled on her shoulder or something. "Do well at school, sweetie. Don't beat up any bullies today."

"I only beat up people who deserve it," Steph shot back. Her mom didn't laugh. It was a little harder to focus on her math homework, after that.

Date: 2017-01-24 01:31 pm (UTC)
better_ted_than_dead: (Default)
From: [personal profile] better_ted_than_dead
Thanks, Zoe! We will try and get back to you as swiftly as our schedule allows, and we may email you with follow-up questions if necessary!


Date: 2017-02-11 04:44 am (UTC)
sevenfootstunner: (Dr. Zeul (profile))
From: [personal profile] sevenfootstunner
Character Name - Dr. Doris Zeul/Giganta

Player Nickname or Handle - Kobie. "Ay Yo!" works fine too.

E-Mail Address -

Status/Notes - After having sifted through entirely too much Golden Age/Marston silliness, I'm presenting a hodgepodge of Giganta/Dr. Zeul's origin. You can thank Phil Jimenez/The Dodsons/Alan Heinberg for this.

Sample Post -

"Send her In."

The room was shockingly lit. Just enough to disorient its subject if they were trying to shift focus anywhere else but on themselves. A longer, four-person table stayed in a darker, slightly more sinister location, while the light beamed down on a single chair.

Concord Federal was long known as a middle of the road holding and security area for its prisoners. Arkham kept its reputation as being where the nightmares lived and became real. Belle Reeve, a revolving door that either kept its attendees under a titanium baton, or high on the Justice League's priority list. Concord, while being the highest profile women's institution in the US, did have a very impressive record for rehabilitation.

Killer Frost was an unspoken exception. A dangerous misdiagnosis sent her to Concord, which resulted in much more stringent screening of its possible parolees. Namely, today's subject Doris Zeul, who made her way to the center chair with a grace much belying her stature, taking a directed seat and crossing one leg over the other for the questioning.

The first voice began. "Doctor Zeul. It is the responsibility today of this board to decide on whether you have earned the right to be released...with stipulations. While during your time here, you've been a model inmate there are still some hesitations, as you can understand."

Taking a moment to roll the question about, as well as a myriad of possible retorts, Doris began. "I believe what you're asking, lady and gentlemen to sum, is how likely are we to see "Giganta" in the present to foreseeable future." Her top foot bounced slightly in the state issued slippers. "Due to chemical imbalances, which I now am and have been in control of, there are no rages. There is no..." Fighting off the impulse to wave her hands as she spoke, she flattened them on the leg. "...there is no need to be seen. Believe me, I am so happy for the option of a nice, quiet laboratory FAR from my past experiences. I need no validation. I want no conflicts. I just want my chance to contribute to a better world."

A second board member chimed in. "You'll have to excuse any skepticism, but you're a known and convicted accomplice of a number of quite dangerous individuals and partners. Your background was quite the subject of debate as to even how and where you should be interred. Would you like to speak on that?"

She knew it was coming. "In so many words, you're asking if I'm a human being. Or a well trained animal?" A stare ahead, as if composing something within. "I expected it, but I didn't rehearse any of this. There is no Grodd in my future. There is no Circe waiting outside in a Ford Thunderbird." A pause. "She prefers Fiats and well...just no." Offering the most honest smile available, she scans the faces in front for any response. "The point is. I am no super villain. I am not hired muscle, and the absolute last thing I want to do is charge Gateway City looking to pick a fight with a Wonder."

A final voice raised. "Dr. Zeul. If released today, what DO you plan to do with yourself?"

Doris considered this, tilting her head as if formatting an impromptu thesis. Folding her hands in her lap again, she looked directly forward and answered.


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