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 Hi all. I don't recall if anyone else has officially signed on yet to play a Wildstorm character, but I thought I should put up a post to lay out where my thinking's been and where I'm hoping to go:

1.) The events of the “Planetary” series all happened, around the turn of the century, except perhaps for the very end. Barring the needs of any other player, the Four have been defeated, but we're still in the process of unraveling their secrets and rescuing Ambrose. That''s running in the background.

2.) Around the turn of the century, Jenny Sparks lead Stormwatch (New 52 continuity), and died as she did in “The Authority”: Electrocuting a giant space monster that created the Earth and was returning to wipe all trace of humanity from it. When she died, she was reincarnated in Shanghai as Jenny Quantum.

Question: Was Martian Manhunter ever a part of Stormwatch, or are we ignoring that?

3. Both Jenny Sparks and Elijah Snow are “Century Babies,” born on January 1, 1900 – part of a planetary defense mechanism, the origins of which are unknown. For our purposes, Elijah is the last of the last century's batch. The new batch, born Jan. 1, 2000, are all coming up on 17, and beginning to realize their abilities.

4. Others have noticed. Elijah Snow is torn: He wants to protect Jenny Quantum and the others, but distrusts the Justice League and other superheroes. He feels they keep too much from the world, like The Four did. Also, they have secrets, which he wants to know. He also wants to delve deeper into the secrets of the Earth's planetary defenses to deduce how and why they exist. The Chinese and US governments are aware of the Century Babies and their potential, and are interested in exploiting it. Several characters, including Lex Luthor, have gotten their hands on copies of old Planetary Guides and deduced a few things.

Observation: If we're doing a World War II era JSA, some of their exploits will be in the Planetary Guides, and maybe a few of their secrets. 

Second Observation: Any character who is likely to own a Planetary Guide or two is welcome to, as long as it makes sense, narratively. There's not one sitting on Booster Gold's coffee table, but John Constantine might very well have one in his library.  

Basic plot: In the end, agents of powerful agencies will clash in order to control and/or protect and/or eliminate a set of superpowered teenagers – including Jenny Quantum – who hold the future in their hands. But of course, those superpowered teenagers have ideas – and possibly friends – of their own.

My hope here is not just to have a story, but also give us a tool to establish some of "our" continuity.

How's it sound?

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