Nov. 23rd, 2016

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A disappearing city in the deserts of Khandaq? A mysterious anti-terrorist vigilante who is said to be a ghost? A young woman who stands between a dead universe and the land of the living? An assassin from a fictional world? The legacy of a dead superhero, and what it means for Earth's current protectors?

It can only mean one thing: The first Planetary-centric storyline, "The Future Starts Now," is ready to begin, and everyone's invited!


There are four streams which will be rolling out as I have time, each of which have plenty of places where a player could jump in for a while.


1.) Who Killed Doc Brass? This one is very personal for Elijah, and it's what got him started on his current road. Stay tuned for more ...


2.) Tomorrow's Children:  This one is starting in the current Elijah post here. Elijah's search for the current Century Babies has taken him to Dubai, and will soon be leading him all over the world ... Open to anyone as we go, immediate openings for Black Adam, the Marvel Family or the Hawks ...

3.) The Search for Dr. Fate:  Beginning soon: The events in the Middle East will reveal that Kent Nelson is ... gone ... and that a new Fate has been chosen. But first, he needs to be found, and the Helm of Nabu needs to be recovered. Of immediate interest to John Constantine and The JSA.


4.) To Kill a Superman: Lex Luthor is on the side of the angels these days, but his interest is piqued when research from an uncovered Planetary Guide tells him of a long lost hero of similar powers and origins to Superman, and how he died. Lex also learns of the Century Babies in the course of his research, and makes some decisions in the interest of protecting the world. Of immediate interest to the Superman family and the JLA.


So ... who's in? 



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